6 Steps to Buying Eco-Friendly Products

Green Cleaning refers to techniques and the use of environmentally safe products with ingredients that sustain the health of humans and the environment. Over time we have adapted and started emphasizing how important sustainability is for the future generations and of course our planet. If you are not currently using Eco-friendly products, you are polluting the environment and potentially causing harm to yourself.

To solve this problem, we need to be able to identify what truly is a green cleaning product and what is not.

Here are 6 steps to help you out!

  1. If the product claim sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Don’t believe everything you read, make sure to research further and not fall victim to false advertisements. For example, how can a product be “all natural” with dozens of chemicals? Take a minute and do some research to better understand what you’re purchasing.
  2. The more specific the labels are at describing products claims, the more confident you can be in the product. For example, when a product states that it is, “all natural”, “nontoxic”, or “organic” what do they actually mean? These vague terms are not regulated by the EPA, and can be very deceptive. If a product is labeled as “100% all natural”, or “100% organic” you can feel more confident that the advertisers are being transparent.
  3. Next step to purchasing Eco-friendly chemicals is educating yourself with green product language. We have discussed that the more specific the better. The reasoning for that is because terms such as, “carbon neutral”, or “organic” do not have a standardized meaning and therefore shouldn’t be recognized unless approved by the EPA or another third party environmental certification.
  4. In the cleaning chemical industry there are three labeling programs that every consumer needs to know. “Ecologo”, “DfE” (Designed for Environment Programs), and “Green Seal”. When a product has one of these three labels, then it has be rigorously tested to meet environmental performance standards. The “Ecologo” and “Green Seal” labels are both third party companies and the DfE stamp of approval is specifically given by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and is tested more thoroughly. Therefore, the DfE standard is the most environmentally safe.

Green Clean Certs

5. Packaging can be the most misleading part of this process. Don’t be fooled by the all-natural or organic design. Once again, make sure to read labels and look for the third party certifications. The most important thing is to make informed decisions by doing some research rather than just going off what the packaging claims.

6. Watch out for green washing! Green washing is disinformation dissemination by an organization in order to present their products as Eco-friendly as well as their brand image. This happens when a company spends more money advertising a product as green rather then implementing sustainable practices to minimize the environmental effect.

So, there you have it! Now you can determine what products are Eco-friendly and feel safe using them! You can also promote your business as a green cleaning operation if you buy and use products that pass the environmental performance standards.

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