The Purrrrfect Product for Your Pets!

Being a pet owner is one of the most enjoyable experiences we have in our lives! They’re our best friends and love us unconditionally no matter what life throws us. But, sometimes we come home from work and find a present that we never asked for! AKA dog poop, cat urine, or maybe even a dead ‘gift mouse’.

Well, now there is no need to worry because we have the purrrfect product for you.

AIRX 66 is a Bio-Enzymatic Foul Odor Digester. This means that its live enzymes will actually digest the bacteria causing the odor. AIRX 66 contains 250 billion enzyme producing bacterica per gallon. This bacteria is non-pathogenic and therefore is safe around people and pets.

AIRX 66 is specifically designed to go after organic matter. It works like magic against urine, feces, vomit, wine and any other organic matter. It also contains AiroCide, so it is purrrfect for around the house or in your workplace.

Come down to Bay City Supply on 1250 Iowa Street in Bellingham, WA and check it out! We sell AIRX 66 in quart and gallon sizes!  To remove those unpleasant odors it’s as simple as spraying the area affected and blotting it with a cloth or extracting it with a carpet machine. We would love to assist you in targeting the foul odor in your homes. So what are you waiting for come see us!

Special thanks to Laili for modeling our feature image!

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