Clean Windows Like a Pro With Glass Gleam!

When cleaning windows most of us forget how important it is to use a proper window cleaning chemical.

Glass Gleam 4 was specifically designed with the professional window cleaner in mind. It will leave your windows sparkly clean, and contains no phosphates or ammonia.

Glass Gleam is a super concentrate and diluted at 1/4th of an ounce per gallon of water. If diluted properly one quart will make 160 gallons of chemical.

Some of the benefits of Glass Gleam include:

  • Kind to hands
  • Stays wet longer on hot days
  • No haze
  • Earth friendly product
  • Less detailing
  • Smooth Glide
  • Safe on all surfaces

If you want to do it like the pros do, come visit us at Bay City Supply on 1250 Iowa Street in Bellingham.

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