Clean Your Kitchen With the Scent of Parsley!

Do you love the scent of parsley like we love the scent of parsley?

Well, down here at Bay City Supply, we carry a product in our Showroom called Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner. Not only does this product effectively clean any water safe surface from dirt, grime, scum, and grease! It also uses the natural power of parsley to deodorize the area!

Who wouldn’t want the smell of parsley in their kitchen?

Not only does the product work great, but it is Eco-Friendly!

  1. Made from Plant-Derived Surfactants
  2. Readily Biodegradable
  3. Free of Phosphates
  4. Grey Water & Septic Safe
  5. PH Balanced

If you’re looking for unique, effective, and environmental friendly products then look no further than Bay City Supply. We have been servicing Whatcom, Skagit, and Island Counties for over 30 years and know our green cleaning!


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