What Does a Slip and Fall Incident Cost on Average? 

I think we can all agree that slip, trip, and fall incidents are an inevitable occurrence at all facilities across the United States.

Most of the time these incidents are the direct result of incorrect floor installation or improper footwear.

According to the NFSI (National Floor & Safety Institute) the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims derives from slip and falls. In the United States alone, $70 billion is spent annually on compensation and medical costs associated with slip and falls.

So why is it important to know the average cost of a slip and fall incident?

  • Slip and falls are the number one cause of accidents in the home and workplace, 30% of all reported injuries
  • Each year in the United States, one out of every three people over the age of 65 will experience a slip and fall, half of which are repeat falls
  • 22% of these injuries resulted in more than 31 days away from work
  • 50% of facility accidents are due to the type of flooring installed
  • Over 540,000 slip-fall injuries require hospital care each year
  • Insurance rates are increasing on average 30% per year
  • 40% of general-liability-claims relate to slip and fall

So how much does a slip and fall cost?

The average workers compensation claim is $19,000, but the average cost from a slip and fall is $22,800 per incident.

These numbers account for medical costs, occupational accident fines, and replacement workers. If a building occupant or a visitor has an accident in your facility, there is no limit to what fees the company is responsible for.

Slip-fall is a scary thing to think about as a business owner, so let’s discuss an affordable solution.

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