5 tips to using Ice melt

  1. Be Prepared Before the Winter Weather Comes

Before every winter season be prepared with ice melt to ensure the safety of your staff and customers. Waiting until the last minute to purchase is not recommended because you risk the possibility of your vendor being out of stock. These orders can take a while depending on when they were placed and how much quantity was ordered. It is better to error on the side of caution and purchase before the winter weather than to be scrambling when it hits your parking lot.

  1. Buy Quality Ice Melt

Make sure that the ice melt you are purchasing is good quality. This is one of the most important tips because all ice melt is not created equal. Although some products may be cheaper up front, in the end you will be using more ice melt to get the same effect.  The ice melt we sell at Bay City Supply is great quality and manufactured by Omni Source. Over the past 50 years Omni Source has developed formulas that work faster, longer and safer. If your interested in more information about melt off by Omni Source, the pioneers in the science of snow and ice-melting check out the link below.

Product Specifications

Spending more money on quality ice melt is also necessary if your serious about keeping your employees and customers safe. By following the right practices when applying ice melt you will reduce the amount of slip and fall incidents at your facility. Interested in how much a slip and fall could cost you? Check out this blog.

  1. Safely Applying Ice Melt and Removing it

Be sure to wear gloves and protective glasses before applying ice melt on your site. Follow the directions and use the recommended amount given by the manufacturer. Also, be aware of how much you are using in order to prevent damage to nearby vegetation and building materials.

To get the best results while cleaning up ice melt and other winter soils that enter your facility use a shop vacuum or a backpack vacuum. Regularly keeping up maintenance on your mats and floors will prevent the ice melt from damaging your facility.

  1. Anderson Three Mat System

Floor care is one of the most difficult and tedious responsibilities for cleaning professionals in the Janitorial Sanitation Industry. We have been working with the Anderson Company the past 20 years and their simple three mat system is crucial to keeping your customers and facility clean and safe. Here is a video explaining how the system works.

  1. Properly Storing Ice Melt

Lastly, it is very important to store your ice melt properly in the off season. The amount of winter weather is difficult to predict and most often will leave you will too much or none at all. If you have some left over from the season, remember to keep it out of the sunlight and make sure the bag is sealed and in an environment with very little moisture.

Thanks for reading, hope you learned something new!

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