Cleaning Linoleum vs. Vinyl vs. Laminate Floors

Spring is here and it is time to get back to cleaning. Our floors may have been neglected over the past few winter months, but with the sunshine coming around its time to make sure our floors have a shine too.

First lets talk about the floor materials. 

Linoleum is made from natural products, which include linseed oil, wood, tree resin and sawdust. This product is biodegradable and may be preferred by environmentally conscious consumers and is typically a little more expensive.


Vinyl is man-made and is produced by petroleum a non-renewable resource.

Laminate is composite based material and typically its top layer is printed with a hardwood or tile layout.
lamiante 2


When maintaining these floors we also start to see some difference. Linoleum is susceptible to moisture and alkalinity. Laminate flooring is moderately water proof but is not recommended to install even where there is the slightest moisture penetration. Vinyl on the other had is 100% waterproof because of its non-porous material.


The supplies needed for cleaning these floors are simple. A vacuum to pre-clean the floor and pick up any dirt or soil. A dry microfiber dust mop to clear the surface of dust. A wet microfiber mop and a neutral floor cleaner to go along with it.

  1. Sweep, dust mop and vacuum
  2. Wash your floor with the neutral floor cleaner (on linoleum and laminate make sure to not over saturate the surface)
  3. Let the floor dry

That’s it folks! Simple and effective. For more information on cleaning and maintaining floors come stop by our Showroom in Bellingham, 1250 Iowa St, 98227.

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