“I Dare You!”

Hello to You All, my name is Franz and I am an Outside Sales Representative here at Bay City Supply.

I like to attend the ISSA trade show every other year when it is Vegas, (that is International Sanitary Supply Association). Of course, I like to start on the very outskirts of the trade show floor and work my way in because this is where you discover the newest technology. It is kinda like traveling to another country……

Soooo, on the second day of the show, our group was working through the list of booths we wanted to visit. One or two of us were a bit slow that day but it had NOTHING to do with the adult beverages that were consumed the night before! Anyway, we stopped at a well put together booth call Freshwave IAQ because they had exactly what we were searching for, an all-natural odor eliminator.

The nice lady at the booth gave us the run down on their product line and told us, “the gel beads that attract odors and eliminate them are so safe you can EAT IT”.

Standing next to me was another trade show attendee, we looked at each other and the dare was on. There was a bit of language barrier, but we agreed that if one of us ate it the other would follow.

Being the nice guy that I am, I offered to go first. I dipped into those beads like a can of grizzly wintergreen chew, it was minty, piney and very strong…..Turning to my new friend I chewed them up and down my throat they went. My co-workers were of course not super surprised but “new friend” was. I offered him a taste and he looked at me funny and walked off. Dang it!  My co-workers asked me what it tasted like….I thought about it for a minute and replied that it tasted like the future of odor elimination!

I have been selling FRESHWAVE IAQ for several years now with amazing results…..set yourself apart and look into this product line at Bay City Supply The Northwest Division of Walter E. Nelson. You will be helping the environment and your community……I double dog dare you!!!

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